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Theft Charges in Toronto


Stealing items of relatively little value is so often not about wanting to have the item nor being able to afford it. I have handled close to a thousand of these cases, and I am never surprised to learn the root cause of the stealing is more psychological. The person is often suffering from depression or anxiety at the time of the theft. It is a kind of acting out behaviour, and as such, is a symptom of more serious issues.

I have successfully helped people charged with this offence by discretely putting them in touch with professionals who can help my clients get to the bottom of the problem. My office is a judgement-free zone, and you can feel at ease and comfortable knowing that your problem will be handled privately and with dignity.

It can also happen that the store security falsely arrests a law-abiding customer who did nothing wrong. I have had many such cases, and in addition to defending the client on the criminal charge, my office can seek damages through a Small Claims Court action against the store and its employees for false arrest.

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