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sexual assault charges

Sexual Offences

Sexual Assault, Indecent Act, Internet Luring, Child Pornography – these are the sexual offence cases which regularly need my attention. For over 20 years I have watched the legal landscape change as Parliament enacts more and more offences in this area. The penalties get harsher and harsher, and the stakes in these cases get higher every year. I have defended people charged with all manner of sex-based offences.

It takes a special skill to be able to give each case the sensitive and careful attention it requires.

In no other area are the facts so varied, and so important. Discretion is of paramount concern at my law office. We are very careful to maintain a scrupulous regard for your privacy, and as much as possible we shield you from the stress of public scrutiny. For example, in most cases we are able to attend most court dates on your behalf, without your need to personally attend. Most of these cases require a very strong and aggressive approach. Police conduct must be thoroughly scrutinized, and the evidence of complainants and other civilians has to be tested in Court with a carefully planned and executed cross-examination. It has become so easy for sex-based offences to be acted upon on the uncorroborated word of an angry ex-girlfriend or unstable child.

While this may sound harsh, consider a recent case of mine where the ex-wife, years later, complained that for almost two years, he raped her at night while she slept. In spite of these allegations, she continued to have consensual sex with him during the day. On nothing more than her complaint, the police arrested the man and put him through 2 years of criminal litigation. Does this make sense? Through my hard work and experience with the criminal justice system I was able to have the charges dropped. Of course, the complexity of the human sexual experience means that there will be cases where sexual behaviour goes very wrong, and the consequences can be devastating to all concerned.

I have access to some of Canada’s best forensic psychiatrists and psychologists to help address criminal sexual behaviour. We can help you address the root causes which may have brought you into conflict with the law. And with some hard work and cooperation, you can leave the criminal justice system healthier than you entered it.

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