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July 1, 2002

“This one had a ring of truth beyond anything I’ve encountered in ten years… You know absolutely that you’re defending people who have been wrongly charged, and abused by the system, abused by a couple of different systems.”

November 2, 1999

“…the case has centred on the two perpetrators — and perpetrators they are, having acknowledged from the get-go they are responsible for the killing, though their lawyers argue it was manslaughter. Much of the evidence called by prosecutor John McMahon has cut both ways, simultaneously serving his contention that this was a cold-blooded case of second-degree murder and the defence lawyers’ view that it was not, that it was a crime born of despair, intoxication and a profound absence of intention.”

October 29, 1999

“Ms. Cece’s diary, found near the crime scene in the women’s abandoned bags and introduced into evidence yesterday, may hold a clue…Her lawyers seemed not unhappy at the diary becoming evidence; after all, Ms. Cece’s scribblings arguably show her, in the days just before the killing, as they maintain she was — drug-addled, depressed beyond bearing, longing for a real home in the country and pets and peace, talking of suicide (she referred to overdosing on “heroine”) and reasonably articulate.”

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