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Case highlights importance of thorough police probes

Article Originally Published on May 23, 2012 by Advocate Daily.  The case of an elderly home invasion victim who ended up spending 75 days in jail after making a 911 call, highlights the difficulty police face when they arrive on a…

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Lawyers skeptical of LAO’s ‘phenomenal’ changes

Toronto criminal lawyer Aaron Harnett tells Law Times that legal aid block fee rates are too low. “It’s a terrible place for a criminal lawyer to make a living,” says Toronto lawyer Aaron Harnett of the legal aid system. “Many…

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Aaron Harnett predicts Crown will lose marijuana appeal

Article Originally Published on April 27, 2011 by Advocate Daily.  Toronto criminal lawyer Aaron Harnett says he welcomes the federal government’s decision to appeal an Ontario ruling that if left to stand could legalize possession of marijuana in the province. Harnett, who…

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Travellers’ cash confiscated

International travelers are getting tripped up by the CBSA’s cross-border currency reporting rules.

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Brotherly Love: Three brothers fight to save sister

“This one had a ring of truth beyond anything I’ve encountered in ten years… You know absolutely that you’re defending people who have been wrongly charged, and abused by the system, abused by a couple of different systems.”

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Trail of blood tells story of night officer was killed

“…the case has centred on the two perpetrators — and perpetrators they are, having acknowledged from the get-go they are responsible for the killing, though their lawyers argue it was manslaughter. Much of the evidence called by prosecutor John McMahon…

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