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Fraud Charges and Toronto Lawyer


I love taking on fraud cases. For the client with the means and the will to fight it out, there are always wonderful opportunities to raise doubts in court. I have access to forensic investigators who can challenge the police evidence, and civil litigators who can help with issues of civil liability and asset protection. For the client of modest means we can also provide economic strategies for mitigating damage. While many criminal defence lawyers don’t like these detail-intensive matters, my approach is to look at the case as a puzzle with my many pieces

Examples of my most recent fraud cases:

  • Accountants and bookkeepers who write themselves unauthorized cheques and engage in breach of trust.
  • Salespeople working side deals for commissions they are not entitled to.
  • Small business loans to borrowers with falsified employment records.
  • Income Tax Act schemers selling fake charitable receipts, all with millions of dollars missing.

With new amendments to the Criminal Code concerning stiff mandatory jail sentences for large-quantum frauds, it is more important than ever to retain a lawyer who has experience, who enjoys and has demonstrated success in defending these cases.

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