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Criminal Lawyer for Charges Laid in Toronto

Bail Hearings

If someone you care about has been arrested and needs a bail hearing, this is an emergency. Call us right away, day or night at (416) 712-3676.

In some cases, the police will choose to hold a person in custody over night, and bring them to a courtroom the next morning for a bail hearing. At a bail hearing, a Justice of the Peace will decide if the person can be released while awaiting trial. This bail hearing is extremely important. If it is lost, the accused will have to remain in custody until his trial can take place, which could take months. This delay will sometimes be longer than any sentence that could reasonably be imposed.

What this means is that the detained accused will face a terrible dilemma: remain in custody and face an uncertain result at trial, or plead guilty to get out of jail quicker. Clearly, the best plan is to prepare for a bail hearing carefully with the assistance of a lawyer who knows how to win.

At our firm, we have the resources to get to court when and where you need us. Call our emergency number: (416) 712-3676 to contact a us right away to ensure the best chances to getting bail. We know what you need to bring to court to make the case for release stronger.

We will form a plan of release that makes sense and will satisfy the court to increase the likelihood of getting bail.

Bail Reviews

Sometimes clients proceed with bail hearings before they have contacted good counsel, and they lose and are ordered to stay in jail until the trial.

We can conduct a review of the detention order, called a Bail Review, and try to overturn the detention order and free the accused. This hearing takes place at the Superior Court, and is like an appeal. It takes about one week for us to get this hearing prepared, filed and argued.

We have 20 years of experience doing bail reviews, and you can trust us to properly prepare and argue these difficult matters. This is sometimes a complicated process that can be more expensive than a regular bail hearing.

The best scenario is to get the right legal representation the first time.

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