At Aaron B. Harnett, Barrister & Solicitor, our focus is on criminal law.

In Canada, the reach of the criminal law grows greater every year. Police investigations intrude into the lives and businesses of Canadians more and more, and criminal law has become increasingly complicated.

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Paralegals finding their place in the peeking order in court.


A recent Superior Court of Ontario decision discusses where paralegals stand, literally, in the courtroom. Madam Justice Fuerst dismisses an attack on the Barristers Act. To read the article by.. read more

Domestic Assault: Special considerations for lawyers.


In this short video I discuss some issues unique to defending domestic assault cases that lawyers should be aware of. To view the video click here

Fine line between promoting accountability and vigilantism


Online “hacktivist” groups like Anonymous create more issues than they solve by getting involved in criminal cases, says Toronto criminal lawyer Aaron Harnett. “Crowd-sourced case solving is a great way.. read more